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reflection 7 - During the last week of the course, we had...

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During the last week of the course, we had Dr. Burns come in and talk to us about management. I had her for my Intro to Sports Sciences class and although she was an interesting speaker for the business class, her class was incredibly boring when I took it the previous semester. She talked about 7 main aspects of management and the rundown on what management was all about. She started by telling us you can’t do everything yourself. This isn’t always true, except for in the management world. The following are the 7 steps of management that everyone should follow: 1) Control your ego. 2) A leader recognizes the balance between task orientation and social and emotional maintenance meaning they have a life outside of work but when they are in the office they do what needs to be done. 3) Sometimes you will have nothing but integrity to make people do what you want. 4) Sometimes, you simply cannot be fair. 5) Be brave and fearless. 6) Read and study leaders. 7) 2 words to live by: resolve and determination. These were facts that I’m sure most people already
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