SBM-Assigment 2

SBM-Assigment 2 - Small Business Management Assignment II...

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Small Business Management Assignment II T     aking      Y     our      S     tore to      Y     our      C     ustomers       Question 1. What type of distribution channels does Feeling Special Fashions use? Answer: There are several channels that producers use to get their products to the market. Sometimes these distribution channels may be long and complicated, using several intermediaries. But Feeling Special Fashions have chosen the Personal Selling to sell and distribute their product among their customers. Question 2. Should Sarah Hammet consider selling through intermediaries Answer: Sarah should not consider selling through intermediaries such as retailers because of the following reasons: Sarah is selling clothes designed specially for senior citizens who are living in the nursing homes and are not able to go to the retail outlets to buy those custom made clothes. Her dresses cost between $50 and $60, involving an intermediary means increase of cost and reduction in profit margin. So in this case, intermediary is not at all suitable. A possible Advantage: She can involve intermediaries (not retailers but only distributors) if she wants to expand the business outside Columbia. Question 3.
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SBM-Assigment 2 - Small Business Management Assignment II...

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