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services and relationship marketing essay - Select a...

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Select a service organisation and using an actual service experience, map the inputs into the ‘two levels of service expectation’ model The service experience studied in this paper is the trip undertaken to TGI Fridays for my 21 st birthday. TGI Fridays is an American restaurant chain renowned for its flamboyant staff and party atmosphere. Their slogan ‘In here it’s always Friday’ epitomises what the chain is all about, ‘the all time great time’ for all of its customers or ‘guests’, as they like to refer to them as. The expectations for this visit were high and consequently input well into the ‘two levels of service expectation’ model which can be viewed in full as part of the appendix. Personal needs affect the ‘desired service’ aspect of the model and are concerned with a consumer’s wants. ‘Affluent societies no longer just satisfy a basic need but are motivated by higher-order needs for sociality and self-actualisation’ (Palmer, 2005). Therefore, consumers are seeking more than just goods or services to keep them alive; they are looking for affection for and from others, respect and internal satisfaction according to Maslow and his hierarchy of needs (1943). Consequently, the personal needs for the TGI Friday’s service encounter are more than just a basic desire to eat which is primarily a physiological necessity. They included the need to enjoy safe food prepared in a hygienic environment. Also, to have a sociable evening with friends for my birthday which would satisfy the desire for social interaction or ‘love’ as described in Maslow’s hierarchy. I wanted to be in the best restaurant with the nicest food to celebrate a birthday, which could be described as the personal need for esteem and the want to impress. I also wanted to try something new as I had never been before and this could be interpreted as a desire or personal need to better myself, the highest of Maslow’s hierarchies of self- actualisation. What I as the consumer believe can be delivered is another important aspect of the Zeithaml et al model. In reference to the service encounter at TGI Fridays, I believed that I could enjoy a meal for 20 friends on a Friday night with accurate orders and reasonable waiting times. I thought the food should be hot and enjoyable, and the service prompt and friendly with the staff able to build up a good rapport with my friends and I. It was also not unreasonable to assume that with such a restaurant there should be a lively, fun atmosphere with music and a good selection of cocktails. The explicit and implicit service promises made by TGI Friday’s were that we would have ‘The all time great time’ and that the atmosphere would be like that of a Friday night (it actually was Friday night). This implied that there would be a lively, ‘start of the weekend’, party ambience in the restaurant and bar. It is also suggested that the employees at TGI’s are outgoing, sociable and fun loving so this was an
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services and relationship marketing essay - Select a...

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