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SMEDA report analysis - INTRODUCTION TO SMEDA The Small and...

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I NTRODUCTION TO SMEDA The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) was established with the objective to provide fresh impetus to the economy through the launch of an aggressive SME support program. Since its inception in October 1998, SMEDA had adopted a sectoral SME development approach. A few priority sectors were selected on the criterion of SME presence. In depth research was conducted and comprehensive development plans were formulated after identification of impediments and retardants. The Allen compassing sectoral development strategy involved overhauling of the regulatory environment by taking into consideration other important aspects including finance, marketing, technology and human resource development. SMEDA has so far successfully formulated strategies for sectors including, fruits and vegetables, marble and granite, gems and jewelry, marine fisheries, leather and footwear, textiles, surgical instruments, transport and dairy. Whereas the task of SME development at a broader scale still requires more coverage and enhanced reach in terms of SMEDA’s areas of operation. Along with the sectoral focus a broad spectrum of business development services is also offered to the SMEs by SMEDA. These services include identification of viable business opportunities for potential SME investors. In order to facilitate these investors, SMEDA provides help desk services as well as development of project specific documents. These documents consist of information required to make well researched investment decisions. Pre-feasibility studies and business plan development are some of the services provided to
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enhance the capacity of individual SMEs to exploit viable business opportunities in an effective way. I MPORTANCE OF P RE -F EASIBILITY R EPORT There are many pre-feasibility reports available on the website of SMEDA which can help investors have an insight into various businesses. This pre-feasibility report is about establishing a departmental store. The objective that SMEDA wants to achieve buy making these pre-feasibility reports is to facilitate potential entrepreneurs in project identification for investment and in order to serve this objective; the document covers various aspects of the project concept development, startup, marketing, and finance and business management. A
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SMEDA report analysis - INTRODUCTION TO SMEDA The Small and...

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