6-22 lecture - others Solutions-Change the payoffs,...

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6/22/10 American political process -Political Science allows for generalizations Simplifying assumptions Individuals are rational -people seek to maximize their own utility -people can make mistakes Institutions matter -Institutions are rules -Rules affect outcomes -Institutions interact with individual to create political results Two problems of Politics Coordination Problem -Everyone has the same goal but is not on the same page -Uncertainty Solutions -Information Sharing -Leadership Cooperation Problem -Problems of collective action (everyone has individual preferences) -Prisoners Dilemma, to cooperate or defect -Large groups with individual all choosing to defect to maximize individual benefit -Free rider, no one person is essential to success. -Tragedy of the commons -Externalities, things that do not affect our payoffs but the payoffs of
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Unformatted text preview: others Solutions-Change the payoffs, internalize externalities-Introduce Private property avoid the commons Coercion, government action-Government is the institution in society that has a legal monopoly on the legitimate use of force.-Coercion is the governments use of force, taxes and conscription are examples.-Legitimacy is the widespread assumption that the government has the right to rule.-Philosophers offer different reasons why government is needed.-Locke to protect property-Hobbes government can maintain order.-All governments rely on coercion, governments rely on legitimacy to govern-Founders established a central government larger than the status quo with ability to grow....
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6-22 lecture - others Solutions-Change the payoffs,...

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