ALGERIA OUTLINE - President: Chadli Bendjedid (served...

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President: Chadli Bendjedid (served 1972-1992) 1962 - Independence from France, dominated by National Liberation Front (FLN) 1989 - Shift towards liberal democracy and reform after lost jobs due to oil-price collapse -New constitution -Reforms included: Pluralistic political system & relatively free/outspoken press -New political groups emerge, the most popular being the Islamic Salvation Front, whose followers were radical Islamists, a few veterans of the Soviet vs. Afghanistan war, pious urban classes and a vast amount of alienated youths. 1990 -FIS surprisingly successful in municipal elections. 1992 -Second round of elections cancelled by generals, Bendjedid is rid of, and FIS is banned 1994-5 -Heightened conflict between Islamist militants and regime -Masses desire return to order 1997 -Islamic Salvation Army (FIS’s military wing) reaches truce w/regime 1999 -Abdelaziz Bouteflika wins presidential elections because 6/7 candidates dropped out due to rumors of rigging. -Bouteflika offers amnesty to those who laid down their arms; significantly
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ALGERIA OUTLINE - President: Chadli Bendjedid (served...

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