Campaign Advertising Strategy

Campaign Advertising Strategy - Campaign Advertising...

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Campaign Advertising Strategy I. General Advertising Strategies A. Target your audience 1.Pay special attention to voters who are likely to be pivotal to the outcome. 2. Advertise during programs watched by those most likely to vote. B. Use early advertising to introduce your candidate to the voters 1. Typical "biography ad"- trick here is to build name recognition 2. Some examples C. Move on to a balance of image and issue spots 1. Image spots build on theme from biography ads 2. Issue spots focus on candidates' issue positions and priorities - past experience, future plans, either on lots of issues, - other times on particular issues. D. Use wedge appeals when necessary -focus on issues that divide "us" and "them" -pit groups against one another and build sense of group identity -can be way to try to…lure out partisans E. "Go negative" to generate coverage, raise questions about other candidate 1. When is it most likely? (typically in congressional races) When the race is tight, and in presidential elections, since those always tight. Candidates that are behind always attack more than candidates who are ahead. They have more to gain and less to lose. 2. Strategy a. Use surrogates to deliver controversial claims b. Sigelman and Buell’s conclusions a. Read thru article before exam. About risk of attacking F. When attacked…hit back and mount a counterattack II. Role of Issues in Campaigns A. The myth? That we don’t really learn about candidates this way B. The reality? We do learn a lot. -amount of issue content- issues are discussed in nearly all campaigns. -differentiating issue content and issue positions
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Campaign Advertising Strategy - Campaign Advertising...

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