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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon surgeon-communication.htm In Sydney, Australia Dr. Peter Stalberg conducted a study to see if e-mail increased the communication between patients and surgeons. All the patients had access to the surgeon’s e-mail address through the website and their appointment cards. Fifty of the hundred patients in the study were given a contact sheet for their surgeon that indicated the surgeon’s preferred method of contact was through e-mail. The others were also given an information sheet, but it did not include the surgeons e-mail address and preference for that method of contact. Twenty-six out of the hundred patients initiated contact with the surgeon. Twenty-two out of the 26 contacts were through e-mail. More double the number of patients given the information sheet with the email address contacted the
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Unformatted text preview: surgeon through some method than those without the sheet. Eighteen of 22 patients using email were in the group given the information sheet with the e-mail address. Four of the 22 patients were in the group that did not receive the e-mail address on their information sheet. The other four contacts were three by fax and one by phone. This study doe not really show that e-mail improves contact but simply that having reinforcement of a method of contact increases contact. Since they were all given the same contact information but only one group got the email address and a statement of preference again it shows that the same sort of results could have occurred if they had put the phone number and a statement of preference for that on the information sheet. It does not take into account the patients access to the internet or their knowledge of it....
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