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Explaining electoral success

Explaining electoral success - Explaining Electoral...

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Explaining Electoral Success--Congressional Elections I. Explaining Incumbent Performance A. The vast majority of incumbents win 85-95% of the time. B. Sources of incumbency advantage 1. Electoral/Contextual a. Name recognition, media exposure, ability to raise $$, experience/quality, strategic retirement if things do not seem in their favor, they just don’t run again. 2. Non-Policy Perquisites of Office a. Staff support, franking privilege, constituency service 3. Policy-Related Advantages a. Pork barrel projects, respond well typically go along with their constituents C. BUT, there is variation in how well an incumbent does 1. What doesn't explain this? a. Most demographic variables. b. Primary challenges c. Particular issue selection strategies d. Spending on communication people already know their name and what they stand for. 2. What does? a. Redistricting b. Partisan bias c. Ideological extremity moderates often do worst then very liberal or very conservative.
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