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Final IDs and essay

Final IDs and essay - Identifications Who Rosser Reeves The...

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Identifications Who : Rosser Reeves – The Hard Sell Sig/Imp : Head of Ted Bates Agency. “Advertising does not need to entertain you.” Developed the Unique Selling Propostion, where the selling point had to be a claim that the competition did not and could not make. Specialized in packaged good where the ads feature repetition because the consumer tends to just remember one thing from the advertisement. When : Mostly 1950s into the 1960s (Creative Revolution) Who : Marion Harper Sig/Imp : Viewed advertising as Science no Art. Proved the dominance of research. He also convinced Mary Wells to leave DDB for Jack Tinker & Partners. When : 1950s Who : David Ogilvy – Image and Science Sig/Imp : Learned that people might buy a product not for the product itself, but because they associate it with a particular image. Advertised based on image and created the continuing story. He created the Hathaway man who was featured in The New Yorker , which helped sales soar. When : Late 1940s early 1950s (1949-51) Who : Vance Packard Sig/Imp : Author of The Hidden Persuaders , which informed the public about MR and subliminal advertising techniques. When : 1957 Who : Tony Schwarz Sig/Imp : Through his ads he provide the reader with “A” and “B,” but relied on the consumer to find “C” When : 1960s Who : Frito Bandit Sig/Imp : It reinforced national stereotypes of Latinos as thieves and was the first time a company was confronted due to using a ethnically based character. Was discontinued due to PR possibilities. When : 1968-71 What : Apple Ad Sig/Imp : It was one of the first integrated campaigns. Apple held press events, created new magazines around the Mac, featured on site displays, literature, and actual computers, had direct mail promotions, advertised through print ads and radio. When : 1984 Avis Car Rental campaign (1960s) #2 car rental company Turn it around to be a positive When you’re only No.2, you try harder. Or else. They are a little fish that will get eaten by the bigger fish if they do not work hard and be better For the consumer, this means that they give better service and there aren’t as many people jammed into the store Brown Hucksters 1940s 1948: an Ebony writer wrote an article about the group of African-Americans selling to other African- Americans the “Brown Huskers”
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Took a cue from the popular book and Clark Gable film The Hucksters . By the early 1950s some companies, like Pepsi and Pabst had specific offices for special markets. Travel to sell, compile research information about black consumers. PR agents and generate goodwill among black consumers. National organization in 1953- National Association of Market Developers. Very popular through 1950s and 1960s. Marlboro Man
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Final IDs and essay - Identifications Who Rosser Reeves The...

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