georgia during the great depression

georgia during the great depression - Georgia during the...

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Georgia during the Great Depression The stock market crash of October 1929 marked the start of the worst economic depression in the history of the United States. Furthermore, the state of Georgia had already been experiencing an economic recession that had begun ten years earlier; therefore the Great Depression affected Georgia more than most states of the country. President Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to save the United States’ economy by creating programs such as the New Deal, but this program arrived to Georgia later than most states and was only irregularly efficient. It was not until the United States entered into World War II in 1941 did the depression fully cease in Georgia. In the 1920’s, most of America was experiencing production inflation while Georgia was experiencing a deflation in the price of cotton. The boll weevil, an economic pest, arrived in 1915 and destroyed all of Georgia’s cotton fields. By the first night of the Great Depression, sharecroppers operated about two-thirds of Georgia’s farmland, and the majority of the states population was making income of less that $200.00. Georgia's land, economy, and farmers were already deteriorating when the Great Depression began. The depressions immediate affect on Georgia was much like that of the rest of the United States as whole. Bankruptcy was common, and the probability for loans was uncommon. There was less money in the local circulation flow, which resulted into fewer paying costumers. Large landowners were typically able to survive through the depression
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georgia during the great depression - Georgia during the...

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