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Political Science Exam 1 Study Guide Values = Core beliefs about how our society should be run and organized. You cannot convince anyone who doesn’t already believe these values to change their minds. They are gut beliefs about what society should look like. Premises = The underlying truths for a group of people that are normally unspoken among the group. They are a gut belief about imperial reality. Ideology = A set of ideas that directs goals, expectations and actions. The main purpose behind an ideology is to offer change in society, and adherence to a set of ideals where conformity already exists through a normative thought process. It is a combo of premises and values that leads to a worldview. Sacredness = When something is held above all else, it is important to everyone and they uphold it no matter what. (Ex the sacred truths of the constitution). Consensus values are sacred to Americans. Identity = How we define who we are or aren’t. In order to have in groups, you must have out groups (Us vs. Them). Identities can be singular or multiple. They can also be ascribed. Anglo-Protestant Core = Non-Catholic Christianity. It is a desire to have your own relationship with God, not through a priest. Religious freedom for themselves, not for people who want to practice anything other than Christianity. Believes that capitalism and property will hold society together, bound by ownership society and hardcore work ethic American Creed = Liberty, equality, and opportunity. We all believe in it. America is all about this creed. It originates from good ole’ Protestant values. The American Creed is a social idea that all Americans share and is a major part of the American identity. The sources of the ideas that make up the Creed come from Protestantism and the new Enlightenment ideas, such as work ethic, natural and common law, and limits of governmental authority. Assimilation = The process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological characteristics of a larger group. Assimilation occurs when immigrants and minorities adopt the culture of the majority. Social Conservatism = One of three branches of conservatism, social conservatives believe that the answer to the "glue problem" is one of tradition, religion, and morals. Thus, they believe that the government should encourage and enforce these ideas to keep & bind society and therefore solve the problem. “Tradition for tradition's sake.” Work ethic = One of the five American consensus values characterized by the capability for and willingness to work; central feature of Protestant culture and the American dream that has shaped American policies on employment and welfare; productivity; the degree to which a person practices utilitarianism, or works to
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Political Science Exam 1 Study Guide their maximum utility Constitutionalism = One of the five American consensus values characterized by rule of law; system of government in which power is distributed and limited by
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Marietta STUDY GUIDE - Political Science Exam 1 Study Guide...

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