Outline for TW Environment Reading

Outline for TW Environment Reading - -1 The Third World and...

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-1 The Third World and Global Environmental Negotiations: Interests, Institutions, and Ideas Marc Williams Marian Miller - author that analyzed roles & strategies adopted by TW in global environmental negotiations -argues that the TW was forged by colonialism and imperialism -resulted in distinctive socio-economic characteristics and differing development trajectory vs. developed countries -in writings, focus on 1) relevance of TW (does it still exist?) 2) global environmental politics thru the POV of TW The Continuing Relevance of the Third World? -TW refers to “coalition of countries seeking to advance certain norms and interests in world politics” (for the context of Int’l Relations) -many have debated the “death” of the TW b/c so much change has come; less unity -TW never was homogenous -after the fall of the Second World, does TW still exist? -non-alignment (common thread of TW countries) was only a response from weak, poor states. Some TW countries even aligned w/West -the non-alignment movement unity was institutionalized by groups such as the Non- Aligned Movement (NAM) & G77; further demonstrates absence of homogeneit y -TW came prominence as attempt by “countries outside the dominant American-Europea n security core to articulate a strategy for survival that insulated them from the prospect of nuclear confrontation” -Furthermore… -globalization increased diversity among TV -gap between more quickly developing states and poor states widening -Expansion to “4 th ” and “5 th ” world terms were created to accommodate different levels o f development among TW countries
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Outline for TW Environment Reading - -1 The Third World and...

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