Parties and campaign finance

Parties and campaign finance - Parties and Campaign Finance...

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Parties and Campaign Finance I. Party Organizations in a Candidate-Centered World A. The "Golden Age" of Parties B. Mid-1900s- a. candidate centeredness is increasing, b. parties go by the wayside for little while C. By 1980's -parties had begun to adapt to the "new world" of candidate-centered campaigns and to carve out new roles for selves. - technological advances in communication and voting helped this as well II. What Do Parties Do Now? A. Agenda-setting 1. Focus public attention (and elections) on issues that benefit their party. 2. Use a strategy of "issue ownership" B. Campaign Assistance 1. Fundraising and contributions 2. Management advice- hiring staff, making decisions 3. Polling 4. Issue research and opposition research 5. Campaign communication -radio and TV production facilities - effective ads 6. Grassroots mobilization efforts III. Parties and Fundraising A. National Party Committees (DNC/RNC) 1. What do they do? a. Overarching organizations that bridge local, state, national parties b. source for the media about the party. c. electoral focus is mostly on presidential races d. conduct voter mobilization and candidate training efforts 2. Who heads them currently? a. Republican National Committee--Mike Duncan b. Democratic National Committee--Howard Dean B. "Hill Committees" in Congressional Races 1. House and Senate For the House -Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -National Republican Congressional Committee For the Senate -Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee -National Republican Senatorial Committee 2. How do they function?
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a. Chairs, vice chairs, etc. chosen by….fellow members of the party b. Usually, all members must pay "dues"… c. also take direct contributions from citizens d. these $$ then go to fund the committees programs, the day to day op of which is overseen by staff 3. What are their goals? a. To maximize their party's seat share in the House and Senate
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Parties and campaign finance - Parties and Campaign Finance...

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