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poli sci cum essays - Cumulative #3 III) Watergate has been...

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Cumulative #3 III) Watergate has been called the most severe constitutional crisis since the Civil War. Explain how the Watergate scandal illustrates the ideas found in Federalist #51 and The Constitution. Did Watergate demonstrate that there are serious flaws in the U.S. system of government, or did it show that our government is able to withstand stresses on the Constitution, or both? Explain and back up what you say. Intro: Describe Watergate - Watergate scandal: a series of American political scandals during the presidency of Richard Nixon that resulted in the indictment of several of Nixon's closest advisors, and ultimately his resignation. Five men broke into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters of the Watergate Office complex in Washington D.C. After investigations, the press released that this burglary was one of many illegal activities authorized and carried out by Nixon’s staff. Nixon and his staff conspired to cover up the break-in as early as six days after it occurred. After 2 years of trying to mount evidence against Nixon and his staff, it was revealed there were tape recordings in his office. Recordings, known as the smoking gun, revealed that he had obstructed justice and tried to cover it up. After a series of court battles, the Supreme Court revealed that Nixon had to hand over the tapes. With it certain that Impeachment would occur, Nixon resigned 10 days later being the only president to have ever resigned. Thesis: Watergate was a constitutional crisis that illustrated the ideals set in Federalist 51 and that these ideals could uphold in the constitution in the future. Body Paragraph 1: (Federalist 51) Topic Sentence: Watergate’s scandal illustrated the ideals set by James Madison in Federalist 51. In Federalist 51, Madison addressed the issues of usurpations and security. He ensured
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poli sci cum essays - Cumulative #3 III) Watergate has been...

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