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Political Science American Foreign Policy Tuesday/ Thursday 11:15 Current Challenges: 1. Global Finance Crisis 2. Ongoing wars and armed conflict Obama said withdrawal from Iraq in 16 months. a. Afghanistan; how does the US and NATO not lose this key front on the war on terror? b. Global war on terror/ WMD’s 3. Energy security: how to stabilize prices and prevent disruptions in supplies. 4. Environmental consequences of expanding human activity. 5. Rising powers: China, India, Brazil. (See “Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World.”) 6. Development: health and poverty. 7. Migration/ Immigration. 8. Humanitarian intervention and genocide. 9. View of US un the world… Iran. Globalization- Absence of a peer competitor to the US; lack of legitimacy for US actions in the eyes of other states. The continuing advance of democracy, the advance of globalization together with the backlash that is forming against it. Rise of China and coalescing of Europe. “Trilogy of ills:” WMDs, terrorism, environment. *US accounts for ~ 48% of the entire globe’s military spending. Grand Strategy- “The use of all the state’s resources to achieve all of its objectives. Not a plan, but a process of evaluating the global situation, developing clear objectives, understanding available resources, recognizing enemies, threats and challenges… and applying those resources to counter these things.” Key Tenets of US Grand Strategy: Protect homeland and citizens from attack. Uphold vital political and economic interests. Advance global free trade. Promote democracy in non-democratic regimes. To help the helpless and stop bloodshed. Use of “smart power” – using the full range of tools at our disposal and using the right tools for smart diplomacy.
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*”The most serious threat to America’s national security is erosion of institutional foundations of the global order that the US has commanded for the last half-century.” - John Ikenberry
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Political Science - Political Science American Foreign...

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