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Political Science 93D Notes 8/27/07 - India controls most of the refined product that Iran has - India’s view of nuclear weapons is very different from ours and Iran’s - No chance of the Iranian regime being toppled - Largest oil reserve – world’s gas station - ‘the hidden iman’ – the heir to Muhammad o His job to renew the world, religious overturn - level of sanctions on Iran right now o affects the regime but not the citizens o diplomatic sanctions o financial sanctions – restrict the access of the country to the financial system, such as export credits and loan guarantees o ‘dirty bank’ – under US law o Puts banks out of business in Iran o Rest of allies need to put up more of the sanctions - withdrawing troops o what do we do? o Running out of troops 8/29/07 Lecture 2: Domestic vs. International Politics I. What is Politics: “poli” –‘tics” - involves interests, representations of group interest, government, power, control - the wheedling of power in the pursuit of interests - the authoritative allocation of value - deciding who gets what; deciding how you’re going to decide who gets what (feaver) - interpersonal, departmental – all can be political - deciding who decides distinguishes polisci from other subjects o this course – focus on the crossing of borders with politics o wheedling power in the pursuit of interests across borders o 9/11, war in iraq II. International Systems 1. hegemony empire (possible final exam question) a. where all of the relevant geographic domain is more or less dominated by a single power i. ex: roman empire, Chinese empire b. relationship to each other is dominated by the relationship to the main power 2. feudal system a. authority lines are both local and distant
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Political Science 93D b. no single authority that controls everything in a continuous space and block everyone else from that space c. very distant actors can have tremendous influence on local areas d. local politics are ‘local’ – very small regions i. competed for political power with other distant political powers ii. next to them would be the church – rivalry e. ex: holy roman empire f. are we entering a period of new form of feudalism? i. Local authority structures with competing authority structures with different chains ii. Government outsources to private business things that are essentially part of the government (part of the feudal system) 1. private war companies in iraq paid for by the us gov 3. Anarchic state system a. Mordern system (what we are in) b. Treaty of Westphalia (ended the feudal system) c. Relatively cohesive states without higher authorities that they owe allegiance to (definition) d. The state or government is the final state of authority e. The international system is a bunch of states with no higher authority above them f. Anarchy – absence of higher authority g. The state is the highest authority – you appeal, you appeal to the state h. Anarchic state system is a bunch of states rubbing up against each other
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Polsci 93 Notes - Political Science 93D Notes 8/27/07 -...

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