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Agricultural Management Marketing of Agricultural Commodities Marketing: All activities involved in the production and flow of goods and services from point of production to consumers . Marketing Involves: Non-agricultural Marketing; Agricultural Marketing; Agribusiness Marketing Non Agricultural Marketing All activities involved in the production and flow of non-agricultural goods and services from point of production to consumers. Agricultural Marketing (or Agri-marketing) Views of Agricultural marketing Farmers, food processors, wholesalers and retailers all view agric. and food marketing from different perspectives. As students in farm (or agric) marketing includes any of the following: - A farmer looking for where and when to sell his crops, - A Missouri rancher monitoring livestock prices on a computer - A food processor packaging California oranges - A transporter hauling Kirksville cattle for slaughter - An ASU student pushing a cart at the grocery store picking and choosing food products. - Paul Armah buying a ‘drive through’ hamburger from McDonald. All these can be considered as aspects of agric. and food marketing. Farm Marketing Defined : It is the connecting link between farm producers and consumers. This link involves two activities, physical distribution and economic exchanges. 1) Physical Distribution: Concerned with the physical handling, processing, and transfer of raw and finished goods as they move from farmers to consumers. 2) Economic Exchange: Concerned with the exchange and price-setting processes in the system. Food Marketing Channel. The food marketing channel is also called the food marketing system because it consist of various firms and functions that together form an industry. It is also called the food distribution system. - From farmers, farm products are usually sold through Assemblers and Brokers - Assemblers and Brokers distribute or sell to Food Manufacturers and Processors - Food Manufacturers and Processors distribute to Wholesalers, Brokers and Chain Warehouses
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- They in turn sell to Grocery stores, Specialty Food Stores, Restaurants and Institutional Markets. - These then retail to the Consumer. This Farm/Food Marketing Channel or food marketing system consists of many firms (middlemen) and numerous marketing functions. AGRICULTURAL MARKETING DEFINITION Agricultural Marketing may be defined differently by different people. a. Consumers: To them agric mkg. may mean a shopping trip to the supermarket. b. Farmers’ Definition: Farmers may associate agric marketing with the loading of hogs into pickups to the market. c. Food middlemen: To retailers, wholesalers and processors, it is a process for gaining competitive advantage over rivals, improving sales and profits. This definition has many implications.
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ag mgt - Agricultural Management Marketing of Agricultural...

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