Field Notes 10.26.07

Field Notes 10.26.07 - 10.26.07 Field Notes: Powell third...

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10.26.07 Field Notes: Powell third grade In the beginning of the day kids get their homework out and give it to Teacher Sarah. She also asks them whether they’d like a handshake or a hug – most kids opt for the hug. This is one of many signs of affection that Teacher Sarah and Teacher Joe offer to the students. They offer comments during Reading, Writing and Math with hands on shoulders and often reprimand with a gentle arm grab or a hand on the back. These small gestures make the classroom feel more safe. Jobs like family chores Each week jobs are rotated among the class. Students are assigned tasks like day counter (who counts the day of school using ‘ones’ blocks and ‘tens’ sticks), line leader, math sentence leader (who leads the class in creating a group of mathematical equations to describe the number of the given day of school) etc. These jobs give the students a feeling of responsibility and all of the days I have observed, I’ve seen all the students complete their job with excitement at being like a teacher. Teacher Joe and Teacher Sarah switch off being the strict teacher or the nice, forgiving teacher. – similar to parents Often the two teachers play “good cop, bad cop”. I don’t think it’s intentional (it doesn’t appear to be intentional), although I cannot be sure that it isn’t discussed behind the scenes as a disciplinary strategy. In the morning sitting on the rug, Teacher Joe sees a girl sitting up against the heater, which is something students are forbidden to do (Teacher Joe and Teacher Sarah say the heater might break if the kids sit against it so much). Teacher Joe asks her to move but she bumps the
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Field Notes 10.26.07 - 10.26.07 Field Notes: Powell third...

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