Field Notes 11.09.07

Field Notes 11.09.07 - 11.09.07 Field Notes: Powell third...

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11.09.07 Field Notes: Powell third grade In writing today, the kids are writing research-like papers in their books. They started by choosing a topic that they each know a lot about. Then they wrote a list of at least ten facts about their topic. Today most of them are organizing their facts into categories so that they can separate paragraphs. It should be an information piece on “something we know a lot about” This writing assignment allowed the kids to choose a topic on which they would like to write about. Most chose certain animals, vacation locations, “I love these children. I know they can do it.” Teacher Sarah Teacher Sarah said this directly to me, but loud enough that the kids in the class could hear it. She is positive about the kids at all times, as far as I’ve observed. She doesn’t only say these positive statements to the children to help motivate them, she says them because she believes what she is saying and will readily say the same thing to me and fellow faculty members. I went to music again today. Today it was not in Teacher Sarah’s room like before, but in the basement of the church about a block down the street. Walking to the church, I was appalled by the kids behavior. Cloe and Devon were smacking each other the whole way and Devon kept throwing the
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Field Notes 11.09.07 - 11.09.07 Field Notes: Powell third...

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