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final exam study guide - Ch 10 Adolescence 13-18.puberty at...

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Ch. 10 Adolescence : 13-18…puberty at end of childhood or beg. of adolescence. Major changes in size, body proportions, sexual maturation, and personality. Child attempts to establish independence and becomes own person. Early Adolescence – begins at puberty (age 13) variety of physical changes during this time including sexual maturation. Late adolescence – begins at age 16 goes till 18. Includes psychosocial changes. Major Tasks of Parents of Adolescents: Attempt to find a way to allow for latitude, personal expression, and individualism while still maintaining some level of order and rules. Parents must realize that parenting style/form of child rearing is subject to change as children grow older. Parents must become more permissive as children enter into and move through adolescence. Parents must help teens learn to make safe decisions and also learn to communicate with their teens in an effective manner. This requires patience and effort. Parents must be consistent in decision making/rules. Overall Parenting Direction: Parenting Styles: The most favorable outcomes for adolescents are linked with: o The authoritative parenting pattern – an appropriate level of freedom & require them to behave in a responsible manner Unfavorable outcomes have been linked with the following parenting styles: o Uninvolved o Authoritarian – lack of opportunities to practice skills o o Indulgent Adolescents are also negatively impacted when parents have inconsistent parenting styles Leading Cause of Death: 1. Fatal accidents with firearms 2. Suicide is second. Main Task during Adolescence according to Erickson: Achieve identity and avoid role confusion. Adolescent quest for Identity: Push for children to work jobs, allow them to make their own social decisions…ask questions and be patient. It is important for parents of gay or lesbian adolescents to: o Be sensitive to, and supportive of, the unique identity challenges faced by their adolescent children o Their parents accept their sexual orientation o They must confront negative attitudes regarding their sexual orientation from peers & the general public Substance Abuse : ¼ high schoolers use marijuana and 2/3 high schoolers regularly drink alcohol. Authoritative parents have the highest level of success in getting children to make sound decisions related to substance abuse. Problems with Inconsistent Parenting: o When adolescents are confronted with differing expectations from their parents Make the tough decision of going against the wishes of one parents, or rejecting the wishes of both o These adolescents experience a variety of negative outcomes, including:
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Lower school performance, delinquency, and depression o Inconsistent parenting has been associated with parental conflict
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final exam study guide - Ch 10 Adolescence 13-18.puberty at...

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