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Urban Education Annotated Bibliography Cooper, Patricia M. (2003). Effective White Teachers of Black Children: Teaching within a Community. Journal of Teacher Education. 54 (5), 413-427. Due to the fact that 17.2% of students in public school are black and more than 90% of public school teachers are white (NCES, 2001), there is a high occurance of black children being taught by white teachers. Literature on effective teachers of black children refer to black teachers in the context of reading, writing and discipline, as teachers who have “a view of teaching self as a second mother” (pp 414). This study investigated culturally relevant teaching (Ladson-Billings’s, 1994) and cultural synchronization (Irvine, 1990) of white teachers when teaching black children. Some of the principles of culturally relevant teaching analyzed in the paper that were especially relevant to my field site (in which a class of over 90% African American children is taught by two white teachers) are as follows: “high self-esteem, expectations, a high regard for others,” “view of students as extended family members,” “high expectations of children’s abilities to learn content and beyond,” “judicious use of authority in the classroom” (pp 415). After observations of three white female teachers who were nominated by the black school district community as effective teachers of black children, Cooper found that all three had high expectations and respect for their students. Also, as one of the women said to Cooper, “I talk to them as if they were my own children” (pp 422) which she found helped the children to trust her and cooperate with her. Reading the disciplinary comments quoted in the paper, I found that the teachers
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observed were much more harsh in their comments than Teacher Joe and Sarah although none of the teachers (in the paper and in my observations) seemed to indulge their authority. Another way in which I felt Teacher Joe and Sarah embodied effective teachers as observed by Cooper was that the two teachers “immediately rallied to the children’s defense if one or more were threatened in any way, no matter what their status in the class” (pp 424). In this way, racial
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gg Annotated bib UE - Urban Education Annotated...

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