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Lit. Strategies 9.9.2010

Lit. Strategies 9.9.2010 - Encourage engaged play/pretend...

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Class Notes 9/9/2010- Strategies Infants & Toddlers Talk in simple language Make frequent eye contact Label the environment Share books by reading Engage in lap reading Respond to children’s cues Sing/engage in fingerplays Listen to books on tape Teach baby ASL Preschool Be nurturing Respond to “kid language” Hang literary things in classroom Make literacy relevant to children’s lives Engage in child-centered teaching/make it relevant
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Unformatted text preview: Encourage engaged play/pretend play Read “good books”- rich vocab, relevant, age-appropriate Use children’s first-hand experiences Primary grades Read and encourage reading Use written instruction when appropriate Encourage invented spelling Promote small-group work and challenge children’s IQ’s Encourage genre writing 02:28 02:28...
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