phonics chapter 6

phonics chapter 6 - -At first beginning readers try to...

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Chapter 6: Sight Words - Many words are recognized effortlessly and automatically - They appear to be recognized and pronouncned at sight, without conscious application  of decoding or word analysis strategies - Through interaction with words in books and other settings, children will build sight word  knowledge and a love of reading - Common sight words for beginning readers often inclide their name and environmental  print that children often encounter throughout their day and talk about with adults - They are sight words because they meaning for the child and have been seen often - They are recognized as a whole (complete) unit, without use of word analysis strategies - Because 400 words make up about 70 percent of reading selections, these words are  called high frequency words
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Unformatted text preview: -At first, beginning readers try to recognize and pronounce these words by using other word analysis strategies such as context or a phonic strategy-A lot of the words are mainly function words, necessary to link content words-Readers acquire most sight words independently through reading experiences-It is appropriate to directly teach these words also Sight words that should be taught: 1. Should appear frequently in print; they should be high frequency words 2. Should have meaning that are in the readers oral vocabulary 3. Often can’t be recognized or pronounced by applying phonic generalizations-Most words become sight words through readers repeated interactions with words in print-Strategies: labeling common classroom items, creating word walls...
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phonics chapter 6 - -At first beginning readers try to...

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