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quiz review - Result of progressive education New York...

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Direct Instruction Model: Bereiter and Engelman Most successful intervention for disadvantaged preschoolers K-3 Goal: standardized tests, ability to compete with peers Behaviorist – not child development Rate is a function of environmental events Engineer details of students interactions with the environment Child is recipient, not a participant Fast paced, large group, teacher directed Heavy workloads on children Developmental Interaction Approach – The Bank Street Approach Development: understanding grows from experience Interaction: Thinking and emotion are connected Multiple theoretical perspectives
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Unformatted text preview: Result of progressive education New York nursery schools: Johnson, Pratt, Mitchell Freud: motivation and autonomy Dewey, Developmental theorists Barbara Biber associated with the theory Teacher-child relationship Listen to children’s thinking Understand behavior in context of development Choices Socio-emotional and intellectual development High Scope David Weikart Children are active learners, constructors of knowledge “Key experiences” Daily Routine Consistency, shared control, collaboration, plan-do-review The Project Approach Katz & Chard...
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