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Urban Education Reflection #1: Competing “Extra-curricular” activities Many schools encourage their students to participate in ‘extra-curricular’ activities. These might include sports teams, arts or writing clubs, a debate team, a singing group, all of which would be available to students and allow them to choose what they personally would like to do with their ‘extra curricular’ time. The private school I attended offered all of the previously mentioned ‘extra curricular’ activities; however, the time, resources and respect devoted to each activity were never equitable. In the eyes of the school administration, physical activities in general and competitive sports in particular earned the highest kudos. The art club, writing group, debate team, and singing group met only once a week and were squeezed into the busy daily schedule, while the sports teams practiced daily from 3:30pm -6:00 pm. Participation in sports was also compulsory for two out of three trimesters leaving little time for all the other extra curricular activities. Students who were athletically inclined enjoyed the school’s emphasis on sports and became strong and skilled athletes. They were often praised by the headmaster and given special homework and project allowances if they were needed at a game during class hours. Those of us lesser sportsmen and sportswomen did not receive any special treatment and were mostly ignored at practices and games. The coaches felt that their
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sports-1 - Urban Education Reflection #1: Competing...

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