Autism Article Critique Paper

Autism Article Critique Paper - For the purpose of this...

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For the purpose of this paper, I will be doing a research critique on two articles I read about autism. I was particularly interested in this topic because I have had some experience with children who are autistic. I am a sub at a high school and I get the chance to work with them in the special education department on occasion that I am there. This topic for me relates most to teaching in the special education or gifted programs and departments. The first article I read was Identifying Early Indicators for Autism in Self- Regulation Difficulties by Caroline R. Gomez and Samera Baird. This article examined the link between autism and self-regulatory behavior. In a study mentioned in this article, the results showed that autistic children tended to have more self-regulatory problems as 1 year olds than a similar group involving non-autistic children of the same age had. This article states three characteristics of autism, the three being qualitative impairment in socialization, qualitative impairments in verbal and nonverbal communication, and restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior. Autism can be diagnosed by observing behavior observations but the developmental level of the child must be taken into consideration also. Parents would like to be aware of autism as soon as possible but it is sometimes not possible to diagnose children with autism before 3 years of age. However,
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Autism Article Critique Paper - For the purpose of this...

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