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Urban Education Autobiographical Introduction is a white middle-class third-year undergraduate student at The fieldwork site is an urban public school with a high concentration of African American children in . Two third grade teachers, Teacher Joe and Teacher Sarah, have begun this school year (2007-2008) team-teaching their third grade students. They will also follow the class though into the school year of 2008-2009 as fourth graders. Teacher Joe has team-taught before in a different school, but is in his first year at this school, and he has never before followed a class of students through two years of schooling. Teacher Sarah has taught fourth grade for over ten years, but has never before team-taught or taught third grade. I began my observations with intentions of learning about how these two teachers cooperate with each other and how their teaching relationship is, both pertaining to how they divide specific teaching duties and their more general compatibility as a teaching team. Certain subjects, such as math and science are taught to the combined classes of 42 students, while other subjects, like reading and writing, are taught to the classes separately but by the same teacher (Teacher Joe for reading, and Teacher Sarah for writing). This research question would have required observation of the two teachers and their individual and team teaching strategies. However, once I began helping in lessons and watched Teacher Joe and Teacher Sarah in their classroom environment, I found that there were interesting and complex relationships between the students and teachers. The first day I spent in the classroom, Teacher Joe read the book Richard Wright and the Library Card by William Miller and R. Gregory Christie aloud to the class as we all sat
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on the rug in the front of the room. When he finished, Teacher Joe explained the context of the story, which was set in the 1940s during segregation, and which was about a black man, Richard Wright, who had a passion for books and reading, but could not pursue this passion due to the racial restrictions on obtaining a library card. Only whites could have
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auto intro UE - Urban Education Autobiographical...

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