ib business- internal assesment- interview

ib business- internal assesment- interview - IB Business...

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IB Business Management 1. What product or service does your business provide? The Smack Energy Bar company provides healthy, nutritious and great tasting energy bars called ‘Smack Bars’. ‘Smack’ energy bars have a chocolaty crisp taste that is guaranteed to provide great health benefits and is sure to have people wanting more. 2. How long has the business existed? What are some of the significant highlights of the company’s history? The CEO of the company (Ike Nwaneri) and two other partners came up with the business idea almost one year ago in January of 2007. “One of the significant highlights,” says Mr. Nwaneri, “was finally deciding to go with chocolate energy bars and launching the Smack energy bar as our first product”. According to Nwaneri, “it took a lot of work, testing and tasting, and testing and tasting, and more testing and tasting and a whole lot of athletes, young kids, high schoolers, college students and even a couple of grandmas and grandpas to finally make this decision to settle for this particular flavor”. In fact,   almost 50 different bars were created and tasted until 3Way Enterprises LLC (the masterminds of the product) settled for a chocolate crisp energy bar. “The marketing plan was great!” says Mr. Nwaneri, “…I was elated by how we were able to reach close to 1million people in just 2 months after our product was launched”. 3. What is your interviewee’s position in the business? What does their job entail? My interviewee, Ike Nwaneri, is the CEO of the Smack Energy Bar company. Generally, Nwaneri’s primary job is to ensure that the business expands and becomes “one of the world’s greatest companies”. More specifically, his job is to oversee all operations and come up with marketing and new business ideas. Most importantly, Nwaneri must collaborate with the partners of the company for new business opportunities. 4. Who are your businesses main competitors? What are their strengths and
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ib business- internal assesment- interview - IB Business...

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