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ib business- management test remediation - IB Business...

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IB Business Management Test Remediation Bowlarama Questions A.) Franchises have several advantages over sole proprietorships. First of all, with a franchise, Pablo would already have an established operating system. Also he would have help with construction and real estate. Pablo would also have pre- opening support since tourists and other people might be familiar with other pre- existing Bowlarama franchises. Most importantly, franchises provide less uncertainty and risk because the franchisee would already know how popular and successful the business was before her invested in it. However, with a sole proprietorship, Pablo would basically be on his own. He would have to come up with his own brand and operating system. Also, he would have no help with construction and he would have to take the risk of starting a business and not knowing how popular or appealing it may be to others. The greatest advantage that a franchise would have over a sole proprietorship is limited liability. Unlike sole proprietorships where Pablo would be fully responsible for any mistakes the company make or any suits filed against the company, a franchise would offer limited liability. Therefore, Pablo would only be responsible for his own Bowlarama alley (if someone sued Bowlarama™, Pablo would not be responsible). B.) SMART objective: By the year of 2009, Pablo’s Bowlarama alley will improve the brand image by creating a ‘happy hour’ from 1:00pm to 3:00pm where children 12 and under can enjoy a game of bowling for half price.
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D.) Strengths - Few staff needed. - Company name is already known - Affordable business - Good locations (wealthy neighborhood) - Business appeals to people of all ages - Pablo’s management style is very personable (this will attract more customers) - Pablo already has contacts in the entertainment industry (therefore he convince them to come to his
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ib business- management test remediation - IB Business...

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