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Info from: Projects Developing Energy Enterprises Projects (DEEP) East Africa Timescale: 5 years (operational) Targets: - initiation of 1,800 micro and small E African energy enterprises (MSEs) - 300 business mentors trained and qualified to be employed in rural and peri-urban areas of E Africa addressing and eusnring sustainability issues - Supported businesses to have employed 1300 people directly and through provision of energy services enable community to develop further Vision: “enable development of a sustainable and widespread industry of micro and small energy enterprises providing energy services and employment in rural and peri-urban areas of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania” Project backers: GVEP International Full description: The Developing Energy Enterprise Project is an EU funded programme involving six of GVEP International’s partners, EAETDN, the Aga Khan Foundation’s Coastal Rural Support Project, Kenya, IT Power East Africa, Emerging Market Economics-Africa, Practical Action East Africa and Gender and Energy Research and Training. The kick off meeting was held in Kampala in March 2008, and the first follow up session was in Nairobi at the end of April. The GVEP International led initiative brings together private sector expertise, community mobilisation and business management in the development of private businesses, from their inception as ideas in villages to established energy service providers and employers. The programme will be run by our local partners, and by a locally sourced GVEP International East African regional manager. In such a way, programme coordinators can best assist enterprises to respond to the needs and market opportunities in the area. DEEP will assist entrepreneurs through training and mentoring to develop business plans and then access the financing to put them into practice. Post-investment, DEEP will continue to provide management mentoring services in accounting, strategy planning, marketing and legal issues relevant for businesses to survive and grow sustainably. Community Renewable Energy Projects to Enhance Live and Livelihood (SE Asia) timescale: 1 year (finished) Targets: - install 2 micro hydropower systems and agricultural processing facilities for two communities - install a solar pumping project for a third community - develop watershed protection and rehab plans for all three communities -
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int bus - Info from Projects...

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