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international business - Contemporary issues facing the...

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Contemporary issues facing the higher education of UK Higher education is also known as tertiary education or the third level of education, which is non compulsory. It normally includes undergraduate, post graduate studies and also vocational training and studies. Universities and colleges are the main providers of higher education. Higher education today has become a must for most school leavers. There may be many reasons for this mainly due to the life style shifts and the fact that the government has made it possible
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for most school leavers to go on to further their education. The barriers to further your education are not as strong as they were before due to government intervention and policies. The government offers school leavers student loans which basically cover the entire tuition fee of most universities thus the problem of financing higher education is out of the question, and the students also get a sum of money for their accommodation and they are due to be paid back only after the student graduates and earns over 15000 £ a year. So what problems do the higher education of UK face? Even though students are given loans the main problem where as higher education is concerned is related to the cost of education as a whole. Student dept is a major cause of concern in the UK and in many other countries. Mostly due to the cost of education, accommodation outside home, living expenses and other expenses students face to pursue their education. This topic has been raised many times before and is one of the main concerns for the government in power. A recent research on student dept at Queen Mary University of London shows some drastic conclusions. A sample set of 1048 students were interviewed and were given a questionnaire each based on student dept. 530 of them being male and 518 being female. Studies showed that the total income for males in a given period of time was £923952 for males and £903455 for females. This could be due to the fact that males tend to work more than females doing more labour intensive work. The expenses for males were £920032 in contrast to the females which was £914535. The increase in proportion in expenses between male and female should be noted. It may be assumed that women have more daily needs than men thus the increase in expenses. This shows that after a term of study females would be in debt of nearly £11080 and the total debt based on male and
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international business - Contemporary issues facing the...

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