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Business and Company Law – Seminar One 1. The European Commission is the institution which was responsible for making and drafting the EC Directive 94/25. 2. a. The European Parliament’s main role is to set out legislation that all member states of the European Union have to abide by. These ‘directives’ are a framework for the laws in the member states. The member states are then given a relevant timescale for implementing the new laws. The European Parliament has the power to amend and reject any piece of EU legislation, so effectively have more power than national parliaments. However, they do not have the power to pass legislation. b. The European Court of Justice is the most powerful law making body in the EU. Its main objective is to ensure that EU legislation is interpreted and implemented in the same way for all the member states. It also ensures that each EU member state is doing what the law requires of it, and can take necessary action if this is not the case. 3.
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