Mkt final - Mkt 411 final What Is Supply Chain Management?...

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Mkt 411 final What Is Supply Chain Management? The management of upstream and downstream relationships with suppliers and customers to deliver superior customer value at less cost to the supply chain as a whole -- Christopher (2005) Textbook Supply Chain Management = Demand Network Management What is a Supply Chain? All the vendors, suppliers and service providers that an enterprise uses. Prime processes are “plan,” “source,” “make,” and “deliver.” What Are The Twin Objectives of Marketing? SATISFY CUSTOMERS AND GENERATE A PROFIT Supply Chain Orientation vs. Functional Orientation SCM requires the coordination of a wide range of interrelated activities and flows that extend across functional and organizational boundaries à a process view or supply chain orientation Most firms have a functional orientation: individual departments, individual budgets, individual goals and reward systems and therefore little motivation to work collaboratively across functions The 7 “Best Practice” Principles of Supply Chain Management 1. Segment customers based on service needs 2. Customize the logistics network 3. Listen to signals of market demand and plan accordingly 4. Differentiate product closer to the customer 5. Strategically manage the sources of supply 6. Develop a supply-chain-wide technology strategy 7. Adopt channel-spanning performance measures Managing The “4Rs”
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Responsiveness Reliability Resilience Relationships SCM Involves Risks, Relationship, and Tradeoff Management Effective Management of Risk Effective Management of SC Relationships Effective Management of Tradeoffs Key Tradeoff in Supply Chain Management Decisions is Between Cost and Service First: Flowchart the Process Two Factors contributing to the growing importance of Customer Service as a Competitive
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Mkt final - Mkt 411 final What Is Supply Chain Management?...

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