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ADV lecture notes part 6 - Out of home media Types of OOH -...

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Out of home media Types of OOH - billboards - othermedia that is interesting/unusual What do OOH media have in common? - Graphics - Few words - As simple as possible What is OOH good for? - Reminder of a brand, campaign, or copy point - Reinforce the general image of the brand - Geographic targeting - High frequency Five main types - Outdoor billboards o Easy to add extensions o Boards go digital Easy to hange Time, weather customizable Higher recall o By Jerry’s IGA on Kirby Think stadium jumbotron alongside road 3 different ads in one minute! o Outdoor board companies Higher initial cost ($500,000 vs. $100,000 But can sell single board to multiple companies - Spectaculars o Times Square o Piccadilly Circus - Station posters o Airport vs. subways o Why is this important? The people that fly are a different demographic than people in the city who take the subway. - Transit advertising - Mobile boards o 97% recall Bring them to the audience Tips for creating great out of home advertising 1. Think big. a. Size of elements 2. Humor and puns work well in out of home 3. The simpler the better
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4. The fewer words the better. 5. Avoid complicated information like addresses, phone numbers, etc. 6. Maximize color contrast 7. Tie your out of home advertising with existing advertising 8. Take advantage of where people see the message Radio Historical background - Theatre of the mind example - Adapted to the arrival to TV o Narrowcasting o Reminder medium - New challenges - Radio still powerful o More homes have radios in them then have indoor plumbing in the United States Tools of the radio writer Sound Effects (SFX) - SFX library o Don’t overdo it! Voices - Casting is crucial o Casting is difficult - Getting voices o Talent agencies o Local DJ’s Music - Earworms (James Kellaris) o The damn songs that get stuck in your head! -
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ADV lecture notes part 6 - Out of home media Types of OOH -...

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