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adv review - ADV Exam review Campaigns vs One shots 1...

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ADV Exam review Campaigns vs. One shots 1. Continuity- synergy, everything works together 2. image- you want to make the product cool. 3. momorability- California raisinds for example 4. relieve boredom- ads are unwelcome guests in peoples lives at best, so you need to keep it fresh and interesting so they will want to watch!! Tying campaigns together- 1. The theme- sell the same feature and benefit from ad to ad. 2. thematic tagline to hold ads together 3. visuals- same general layout, typefaces, etc 4. words0 similar format/tone form headline to headline. When not to do a campaign 1. when you can’t afford it 2. low frequency media buy- only need to reach a bunch of people a few times. 3. specific event, such as a pres day sale or something. The concept of the brand - the brand is the physical product - brand equity is an intangible asset - the brand is tough to control - it is everything that is associated with the product, including its rep - built over a long period of time - advertising helps build brand equity lovemarks - all products striving to become a lovemark. - High respect, high love for products=lovemarks - Lovemarks inspire loyalty beyond reason - Disney for example Ways to create memorable taglines 1. simplicity 2. emphasize benefit 3. challenge consumer 4. emphasize reward/action 5. quality statement 6. poetic devices 7. twist an existing phrase good taglines are 1. strategic 2. recall brad name
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3. impart positive feelings about the brand 4. not usable by the competition 5. memorable good logos are 1. simple 2. relate to benefit, if possible What parts of advertising can and cannot be trademarked?
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