Advertising lecture notes part 2

Advertising lecture notes part 2 - B Mainly the...

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Departments in an advertising agency I. Account management A. Agency’s rep wth client B. Clients rep at the agency C. Team leader, strategist D. Goal: best possible work at a profit E. deep knowledge of the client's business II. Media A. Places ads to reach i. Right people ii. Right time iii. Right place iv. Cost effectively B. Challenge of technology i. Most innovation right now- this is the decade of media III. Research A. Understand the market place i. Trends, motivating forces, etc. B. Conduct secondary research IV. Account planning A. Relatively new- England in the 1990s. B. Consumer’s perspective i. Being aware of cultural trends ii. Talking to people C. “What turns the consumer on?” D. Many different tools- anthropologists E. Very few entry level positions V. Interactive marketing A. Brand new area B. Advertisers used to find you to get your attention C. With interactive marketing, consumer seeks out company. VI. Traffic A. Scheduling VII. Creative A. Develop the ideas, images, and words that make up commercials/ads
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Unformatted text preview: B. Mainly the responsibility of the copywriters (CWs) and Art Directors (ADs) C. Hierachy i. Creative director 1. Associate Creative director a. CWs and Ads i. Junior CWs and Ads D. Creative directors i. in a large agency, there may be several creative groups, all with their own creative director. ii. Creative directors can rise even higher in an agency. iii. Book: idea industry Applying creativity to Advertising: “The Limitations” The Internal and External Team I. Your partner II. Your boss III. You client The Creative Strategy I. All advertising must be on strategy a. Example- furniture and furnishings i. Our pieces are more than function, they are works of art ii. All American, buy our pieces b. effective advertising= sound strategy being delivered persuasively and memorably. c. Strategies= agreement between acct exec, creative director, and client The Marketing Mix I. Advertising must work with the rest of the marketing mix....
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Advertising lecture notes part 2 - B Mainly the...

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