Advertising lecture notes part 3

Advertising lecture notes part 3 - The Hierarchy of Effects...

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The Hierarchy of Effects I. Lavidge and Steiner a. purchase b. Intent to purchase c. Preference d. liking e. knowledge f. Awareness II. The higher up the hierarchy, the less effective advertising will be. III. Direct marketing is the major exception to this a. Coupons, sweepstakes, etc. Creativity in the Advertising Agency Advertising as a social process I. Not just a process inside the head. II. It takes place in a social setting. III. Conflicts occur a. Fundamental disagreement over how advertising works. i. “The poets” 1. Creative teams 2. Sometimes acct execs, sometimes not 3. advertising = exciting, aesthetic, compelling, edgy 4. poets make the client nervous 5. How advertising works a. First build an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand b. This requires communicating much more than product attributes. ii. “The suits” 1. most clients 2. marketing backgrounds 3. occasionally people within the agency 4. How advertising works a. Advertising is a science b. Sell with advertising c. Facts, facets, facts! d. The Hucksters i. 1947 movie starring Clark Gable as the advertising guy ii. Sidney Greenstreet is the suit, the client iii. Poets vs. suits 1. Nissan’s Mr. K campaign a. Creatives like this, suits don’t 2. Taco Bell’s “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” Chihuahua
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a. The campaign only lasted for about a year before sales dropped. Conflict: What is Creative? Adaptation vs. Innovation o Clients are always more comfortable with adaptive things rather than innovative. Evolution vs. revolution Conflict: Issues of Control One of the account execs main function =keep clients purring Because clients hold the final power of approval, account execs see ads as products they must control. Creatives resent this Conflict: Differing perspectives due to differing backgrounds. Creatives =specialists Conflict: Creative work is put under a microscope #1 factor in agency selected by a client #1 factor in a positive client/agency relationship #1 factor when agencies lose accounts PLUS everybody feels qualified to comment on creative work. Conflict: the difficulty of assessing the effectiveness of an advertisement
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Advertising lecture notes part 3 - The Hierarchy of Effects...

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