Advertising lecture notes part 4

Advertising lecture notes part 4 - o Adidas “Impossible...

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Lecture notes Advertising Campaigns What’s a campaign? - Definition A series of ads with the same creative strategy and similar creative executions. - One creative work order, similar strategy for executions. Why do campaigns? - Continuity o Synergy, everything works together. - Image o Making things cool. - Memorability o Fruit of the Loom- yeah, the guys in the fruit suits o California Raisins - Relieve boredom. o At it’s best; advertising is an unwelcome guest in people’s houses. o Need to keep it fresh and interesting the least we can do. Elements used to hold a campaign together - The theme o Sell the same feature or benefit from ad to ad o Use a tagline that holds the ads together thematically. o TIME example Join the Conversation” The taglines are the only text in the ad
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Unformatted text preview: o Adidas- “Impossible is Nothing” campaign David Beckham-The visuals o Make the same artistic decision o Use the same typefaces o Use the same general layout.-The words o Use a similar format from headline to headline o Use the same tone. What not to do in a campaign-Harder to create campaigns than one shots-Even harder to create a campaign across different media o State Farm Great TV campaign (dangerous situations), didn’t translate well anywhere else (radio). Hard to come up with more examples When don’t you do a campaign-Can’t afford it-Low frequency media buy o If you only need to reach a bunch of people a few times-Specific event o President’s Day sale or something like that....
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Advertising lecture notes part 4 - o Adidas “Impossible...

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