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Participation task- Media Attention The Boys on the Bus and Journeys with George There are many similarities between Crouse’s chapter from The Boys on the Bus about the 1972 campaign and the 2000 campaign depicted in Journeys with George . The basic structure of the press coverage is the same. All of the press is packed onto a bus on the campaign trail following the candidates around. They are all basically covering the same exact stories, just written by a different person. Like Crouse mentioned in The Boys on the Bus , he didn’t understand why they allowed so many people to follow the campaign trail, a cameraman and a newspaper reporter could do the job just fine by themselves and it could run in all the news outlets. The one big difference that I observed between the two is the speed of everything.
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Unformatted text preview: Back in 1972, it was tough to get stories that were extremely up to date, since you had to file the stories so early in the day. You had to file the stories by early afternoon, and so much more could happen into the late afternoon and evening. Since the papers needed more time to get things done and to get the stories, filed, the news did not seem to be always up to date. On Journeys with George , the press was much more efficient. They could electronically file their stories very quickly at a later deadline since it took less time for the story to reach the news outlet. Therefore the voters could get more up to date information in the morning when they open up their newspapers than voters did in 1972 because of the more efficient nature of the media today....
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