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Propaganda readings - The world outside and the picture in...

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The world outside and the picture in our heads Keep in mind that Lippman does not directly discuss propaganda, but Lippman’s theoretical ideas about public perception and the role of the media in our time, are the basis of the future research on propaganda. Objective and subjective worlds: Is there a world outside us, or just the one produced by us? And is the knowledge of the world possible? How is our indirect knowledge of the world formed and constructed? - It seems like it is the world that is produced by us that is the true world. The way we act and give power to things is the reason that things exist the way we do. We create meaning. The force of symbolic power in human communities. Creating heroes and creating devils - We create these personalities and they are the symbol for millions of people. They are all regular people at the heart of it, but so much power is given them through the creation of the people. The role of subconscious and the dominion of feelings and the spirit: psychoanalytic scheme - The psychoanalyst assumes that the environment is perceived and readable. - What does an adjustment do? Can it change much once people already have feelings about a certain subject? How should we analyze the relation between scene, reactions to pics and pics in our mind, and then human response? - Public Opinion - Social Order Any solutions for the formation of a reliable Public Opinion?- Press, elite, governments, parties etc. - Political science - Must be organized for the press in a way that is real. -
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Propaganda readings - The world outside and the picture in...

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