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201 Lecture notes Autumn 2008_Part25 - V Fat...

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121 V. Fat Substitutes (Food Technology March, 1990) A. Create same textural sensations as lipids, but are different molecules. B. Protein based: 1. Simplesse (Nutrasweet Co. = Monsanto) 2. Trailblazer (Kraft and Co.) a. Based on milk or egg protein = microparticulation b. Calorie reduction due to use of protein (4 vrs 9 kcals) c. FDA approved as safe d. "Simple Pleasures" = frozen dairy dessert e. Cannot cook or heat treat C. Synthetic 1. Olestra (Proctor and Gamble) a. Sucrose + fatty acids = sucrose polyester b. Heat stable (replace cooking oils, etc) c. 0 calories, not digested d. Submitted 1987 to FDA, not approved yet D. Gums 1. natural, mouthfeel only (salad dressings) E. Maltodextrins 1. Starch specially processed to give smooth mouthfeel a. corn, tapioca, potato b. Still contain calories (4 versus 9 kcals) c. Used in spreads, dressings, confections, frosting d. Heat stable, FDA approved FATS AND OILS: EMULSIONS
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122 I. Definitions A. Emulsion = mixture of two immiscible liquids which does not separate with time 1. Special types of dispersion: oil or fat dispersed in water 2. Example:
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201 Lecture notes Autumn 2008_Part25 - V Fat...

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