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Alexander Muhr CTCS-190 Jorie Lagerwey Paper #2 Fall 2004 COMEDY FACE-OFF The Apartment  VS.  Office Space The two films, The Apartment (1960) and Office Space (1999) are ones of different eras and social mentalities. The first was done during the post-war era and reflects that time with references to corporate life at the time. Office Space is similarly a reflection of the corporate culture of the time but it is an entirely singular film. The Apartment stars a critical person, Jack Lemmon, who’s character CC Baxter was specifically tailored for him by Billy Wilder, the director and co-writer. The comedy reflects the time very well in a refreshingly realistic way. Office Space may not have been such a big budget film, but it’s small stars and great director, Mike Judge, helped to create a modern sense of the old mundane workplace. The genre of comedy is a very specific one and there are certain qualities it needs to actually become considered a comedy in itself. The most important of their attributes is the myth, because that is what is needed to even create something before the camera has been used. The second is that the person is made exaggerated so the viewer is distanced. This helps the viewer understand what is going on but also helps from being preached to. The phenomenon that occurs is that even though both films are inside the same general
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genre, the time and mentality totally affect the whole production of the films. The time period and also the specific moments are also important in affecting the change, differences and/or experimentation. The Post Classical period in film can be measured to be from about 1946 until 1962, which conveniently fits right into post-war America. This is no coincidence because the post war mentality is what affected the American filmmakers and inspired them to make the films of the era. The Apartment is one of these post war films that have begun to experiment with its genre for a very intriguing postclassical picture. Billy Wilder, arguably the mastermind behind this classic, the one who allows his characters to “sin, suffer the consequences, and yet be redeemed for a happy ending.” (Ron) He tackles many of the supposed very touchy subjects of the time, somewhat similarly as his film Some like it Ho t, the year before. This film is different because it gripes with the every day man and his goal to become a big shot manager at a large company. CC Baxter, the protagonist, loses his valuable morals when four of his bosses (Dobisch, Kirkeby,
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