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FINA0501 - Asian Financial Institutions First Semester, 2010-2011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Dr. Patrick Leung Office: KKL Building, Room 904 Office Tel: 2859 1036 E-mail Address: Lecture: Tuesday 4:00-4:50pm LE1; Thursday 4:00-5:50pm LE1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Announcements THERE WILL BE A MAKE-UP CLASS ON 10/19 (TUESDAY), 3 - 6PM, AT T2 CLASSES WILL BE CANCELLED ON 10/26 (TUESDAY) AND 11/18 (THURSDAY) 2010 Term Paper MIDTERM EXAM NOV 2, 2010 TUESDAY MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ CLOSED BOOK AND NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Lecture Notes Course Outline
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Unformatted text preview: ---------------Reading Assignments Week One Reading Assignments HK Clearing Systems Week Two Reading Assignments Week Three and Four Reading Assignments HK Interest Rate Relations Week Five and Six Reading Assignments LERS Mechanism HK Banking System Week Seven Reading Assignments History of Exchange Fund Management of Exchange Fund's Assets Week Eight Reading Assignments Hong Kong Bond Market Week Nine Reading Assignments SOCB Restructure China Banking System Reform 2007 Week Ten& Eleven Reading Assignments Week Twelve Reading Assignments Notes on Singapore financial institutions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Last Update: Nov 11, 2010 (Thursday) 5:30pm...
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This note was uploaded on 02/23/2012 for the course FINANCE 0501 taught by Professor P.leung during the Winter '11 term at HKU.

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index - ---------------Reading Assignments Week One Reading...

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