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WeekTen&ElevenReadingAssignments - SCHOOL OF...

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SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG FINA0501 Asian Financial Institutions First Semester 2010-2011 Dr. Patrick Leung TENTH AND ELEVENTH WEEK READING ASSIGNMENTS Major Japanese Financial Institutions: http://www.mizuho-sc.com/english/ebond/institutions/chart.html Evolvement of Japanese financial institutions: http://www.zenginkyo.or.jp/en/banks/changing/index.html Market Share of Japanese financial institutions: http://www.zenginkyo.or.jp/en/banks/principal/ Japanese banking business http://www.zenginkyo.or.jp/en/banks/banking_businesses/ 1
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SHINKIN BANKS (Shinyo Kinko 信信信信 or Credit Associations) Source of Funds Member deposits Non-member deposits Government and semi-government organization deposits Loans from Shinkin Central Bank Use of Funds Loans to members and non-members Government bonds Foreign currency bonds and structured bonds Deposits in/loans to Shinkin Central Bank Other Activities Sales and dealings in government bonds Gold transactions Custodian services 2
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WeekTen&ElevenReadingAssignments - SCHOOL OF...

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