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quiz4_solution - RKO=RTdata,2%extract column 2 R into...

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1 Introduction to Computational Physics Phy 265 Quiz 4 (Take-ːHome) Solutions %THERMISTOR - A script that reads in temperature and resistance data for %a thermistor and finds the best Steinhart-Hart theoretical fit to the data %using linearization and matrix arithmatic (i.e. left division). %script outputs plot of data and fit and sends coefficients to command %window. %File written by S.C. Tegler. Last modified 2/16/11. format short e %numerical output is short sci notation load RTdata.dat -ascii %import ascii file of RT data into array TC=RTdata(:,1); %extract column 1, T, into column vec TK=TC+273.0; %covert T from C to K
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Unformatted text preview: RKO=RTdata(:,2); %extract column 2, R, into column vec Y=TK.^(-1); %compute 1/T X=log(RKO); %take ln of R, remember R is in kilohms H=[X./X X X.^3]; %create H matrix to solve for coeffs A=H\Y %use left division to solve for coeffs plot(RKO,TK, 'sk' ); %plot R,T data hold on ; INVTFIT=H*A; %(1/T) best fit values TFIT=INVTFIT.^(-1); % T best fit values plot(RKO,TFIT, '-r' ); %plot R data and T best fit xlabel( 'Resistance (kilohms)' ); %plot labels ylabel( 'Temperature (Kelvin)' ); title( 'Calibration Data For Thermistor' ); Output to Command Window A = 2.6860e-03 2.8712e-04 7.2650e-07 2 Plot...
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