Port Klang(edit) - Port Klang Port Klang 40 Klang valley...

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Port Klang Port Klang มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม 40 มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม   มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม Klang valley มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม มมมมมมมมมม Port Klang มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม . .1993 มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม - มมมมมม มมมมมมมมม Port Klang มมมมมมมมม 20 มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม มม 2007 มมมม Port Klang มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม 180 มมมมมม 500 มมมมมมมมมมมมม มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม Port Klang มมมม มมมมมมมมมมมม มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม   Port Klang มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม 2 มมมมมมมมมมม มมม North port มมม West port North port มม 12 มมมมมมมมมมมม มมมมมมมมม 4 มมม liquid bulk 2 มมม dry bulk 8 มมม break bulk มมม 1 มมม มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม ( มมมมมมมมมมมมมม ) Corporate profile Background Port Klang Authority (PKA) มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม มมมมมมมมมมมมม ม . . 1963 PKA มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม มมมมมม มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม . .1986 มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม ม . .1986 มมมมม Port Klang Container terminal มมม มมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมมม Port Klang Container terminal Berhad มมม PKA มมมม มมมมมมม 20%
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This note was uploaded on 02/23/2012 for the course ENGINEERIN 101 taught by Professor Jhon during the Spring '10 term at Punjab Engineering College.

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Port Klang(edit) - Port Klang Port Klang 40 Klang valley...

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