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1 Project Blastoff CS 442 Software Engineering II Instructor: Ugo Buy January 19, 2012 2 What is the blastoff? Project blastoff: Burst of activity to launch requirements project What kinds of activity? Kickoff meeting (stakeholders) Researching domains of interest (developers) Interviews Defining low-fidelity prototypes Blogs, emails, video-conferences, etc. Developers meetings 3 Goals and deliverables of blastoff Lots of goals (and related deliverables) Three crucial goals 1. Study the work Work = Business activity in which the product is to operate 2. Define product scope Scope = Portion of work that will be carried out by product 4 Goals (cont’d) 3.Identify all stakeholders Stakeholder = Person either directly affected by product or in any way interested in the project’s success (or failure—a negative stakeholder) 5 List of blastoff deliverables 1. Statement of purpose 2. Scope of work 3. Stakeholder list 4. Project constraints 5. Project goals 6. Estimated cost 7. Risks 8. Low-fidelity prototypes 9. Glossary 10. Go/No-go decision 6 Deliverables of blastoff Not all deliverables needed for all projects, but desirable most of the time (esp. horses and elephants) First three are a must even for rabbits — Use blogs, posters, emails as needed to remember stakeholder list, and scope and objectives of project
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2 7 Statement of purpose Brief description of customer wants and needs — Can be written by client directly, or by developers after talking to client — Can be very short (< 1 page) — English Must result in quantifiable outcomes 8 Initial statement from client Caveat: Developers must read, reread, and dissect very, very carefully In addition to quantifiable outcomes, statement of purpose will lead to: — Identifying domains of interest — Identifying core stakeholders — Defining glossary for project 9 Example of initial statement IceBreaker project “Roads freeze in winter, and icy conditions cause road accidents that kill people. We need to be able to predict when ice will form on a road so we can schedule a de-icing truck to treat the road in time. We expect a new system to provide more accurate predictions of icy conditions. This will lead to more timely de-icing treatment than at present, which will reduce road accidents. We also want to eliminate indiscriminate treatment of roads, which wastes de-icing compounds and causes environmental damage.” 10 Quantifiable measures 1. Decrease use of de-icing compounds at least by 20% 2. Decrease total road accidents at least by 10% 3. Decrease road accidents due to icy conditions at least by 20% Caveats: Must establish measures early on Mutually agreed-upon by client and developers 11 An additional example Osbert Overby Art Dealer (OOAD) project Osbert Overby runs a business buying and selling art pieces, such as paintings. In the past, his business sometimes incurred losses because Osbert overpaid for certain paintings
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3 Blastoff-2012-by6 - What is the blastoff? Project...

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