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5 Requirement-Writing-12-by6 - Requirements writing...

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1 Requirements Writing CS 442 Software Engineering II Instructor: Ugo Buy February 2, 2012 2 Requirements writing 1. Blastoff Identified scope, goals of project, stakeholders 2. Trawling Collected requirements with various trawling methods 3. Writing The rubber meets the road 4. Managing Requirement evolution 3 Who should write a formal SRS? Mostly elephants and (often) horses Horses can alternatively rely on requirements knowledge… …. requirements are sufficiently well-understood by development team and other stakeholders What about rabbits? Record requirements informally (blogs, wikis, emails, post-it notes, etc.) 4 What goes into SRS? Mostly English text Caveat: Avoid ambiguity and confusion typical of natural languages Semi-formal notations Data flow diagrams, state transition diagrams, use case diagrams, interaction diagrams, etc… Formal methods Petri nets, Z, finite state automata, temporal logics, etc. 5 How do you write good SRS? Mostly ability to organize and write clearly in English Requirement organization Volere: The requirements method that we are covering Volere requirements template: Way of organizing requirements Ensure completeness: Nothing left out Writing requirements An acquired skill: English writing ability a must 6 The problems writing in English Using good English-language style Learned in school or through practice If in doubt about your skills, check out this book: W. Strunk and W. White – The elements of style – www.bartleby.com Beware of pitfalls of natural languages Ambiguity Next three slides by Prof. Jane Cleland-Huang, DePaul University
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2 7 l Mary had a little lamb, … z Adapted from Webster 7 th New Collegiate Dictionary l Have z 1a. To hold in possession as property…. 4a: To acquire or get possession of: to obtain (as in l the best to be had z )… 4c: Accept; to have in marriage… 4d: To copulate with… 10a: to hold in a position of disadvantage or certain defeat… 10b: TRICK, FOOL (been had by a partner or friend)… 11: BEGET, BEAR (have a baby)… 12: To partake of (have dinner)…. 13: BRIBE, SUBORN (can be had for a price) 8 l Mary had a little lamb, … z Also from Webster 7 th New Collegiate Dictionary l Lamb z 1a: a young sheep esp. less than one year old or without permanent teeth…. 1b the young of various other animals (e.g., smaller antelopes)… 2a: a person as gentle or weak as a lamb…. 2b: DEAR, PET… 2c: a person easily cheated or deceived, esp. in trading securities…. 3a: the flesh of lamb used as food. 9 Some interpretations have lamb interpretation 1a 1a Mary owned a sheep younger than a year old or without permanent teeth. 4a
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5 Requirement-Writing-12-by6 - Requirements writing...

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