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6 Requirement-Managing-12-by6

6 Requirement-Managing-12-by6 - Requirements management...

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1 Requirements Management CS 442 Software Engineering II Instructor: Ugo Buy February 14, 2012 2 Requirements management 1. Blastoff Identified scope, goals of project, stakeholders 2. Trawling Collected requirements with various trawling methods 3. Writing The rubber meets the road 4. Managing Conflicting requirements, requirement traceability and evolution 3 Requirements management 1. Managing conflicting requirements 2. Requirement prioritization R&R: Chapter 14 4 Issues in requirement management Conflicting requirements Will arise naturally because of views of different stakeholders Sometimes due to negligence of requirements writers Resolve by prioritizing requirements (see below) Prioritization of requirements Decide which requirements are more important Sometimes necessary to fit development into tight schedule or to resolve requirements conflicts 5 Requirement traceability Link together artifacts produced at different stages of development Link decisions and artifacts produced during design and coding to requirements Link requirements to each other Requirement evolution Complex topic, beyond scope of course Issues (cont d) 6 Checking completeness of requirements Really a V&V activity Some common methods Fagan inspections Non-events (happening when real event does not happen, usually exception cases) Data modeling (e.g. by ER or Class diagrams), followed by CRUD table check CRUD: Created, Referenced, Updated, Deleted Issues (cont d)
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2 7 Prioritizing requirements (R&R Chapter 14) Decided on several factors Value of requirement to stakeholders Cost of implementing requirement Time to implement requirement Level of difficulty in implementing requirement Ease of business or organization implementation Obligation to comply with applicable laws 8 Customer value Satisfaction and dissatisfaction ratings
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